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You just graduated as a Social Worker. Now what?

Hi, I'm Vicki and I founded and run Social Work Sorted; a platform for New Social Workers to provide advice, support and education with a difference.

I have always loved training and supporting students and new social workers in my job role, but no one could have predicted how learning for new social workers would change in 2020, when the covid 19 pandemic shifted social work (and our lives) so seismically.

Those of you graduating now will have a very different experience than the class of 2020 but that doesn't mean your journey will be any easier.

Some of you reading may have already started your assessed and supported year in employment. Some of you may be working in different roles until your registration comes in. Some may be applying for jobs and others getting ready for interviews.

Wherever you are, now is the time to take stock. It won't be long before you are fully immersed into social work, whether that is in local authority, NHS or charity sectors. You will fast find yourself running out of time and the time you had spare during placement to reflect on your feelings will no longer be free.

This is the time to decide what kind of social worker you want to be.

This is the time to set your boundaries.

Decide on your none negotiables.

Think about your values and ethics.

Most organisations have a mission statement so as a social worker what would yours be?

Take 5 minutes to write a few sentences to summarise.

What are your best qualities? Why do these match with a role as a social worker?

What are the values you are going to stay true to?

What matters to you in your job?

If you are at the stage of job applications and interviews then getting prepared is about so much more than getting a job.

The job offers will come, and when they do you need to enter your career knowing who you are and what you value.

The systems around you will challenge and push you, and being assured with the kind of social worker you want to be, and the way you want to practice, will help you stand strong.

For more realistic guidance, support and advice head to @socialworksorted



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