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Hi, I'm Vicki and I founded Social Work Sorted in 2021.

Social Work Sorted has developed as an online platform dedicated to new social workers. 

Social Work Sorted is committed to proving realistic advice, guidance and support for new social workers. 

I am a qualified social worker with an MA in Social Work. I have worked in the social care sector for 12 years and  I have spent the last several years working in child protection and safeguarding with children and families in the UK.

I have trained in Signs of Safety, Systemic Family therapy and Restorative practice and I use my knowledge and experience to help new social workers navigate their first year in the job.

Being connected to practice is vital to ensure material feels relevant to the challenges you are facing. My experience is all recent, which means Social Work Sorted is current and connected to the work new social workers are carrying out every day.

Social Work isn't just my job, it is my passion. 

Social Work Sorted allows new social workers to access non-judgmental support and advice from someone who genuinely values and cares about the social work profession. 

Social Work Sorted: The Podcast is a unique mix of skills based audio learning and insightful guest interviews all centred on the challenges new social workers face in practice.

Social Work Sorted: Training and Consultancy provides high quality training to equip new social workers with the skills they need for practice. Bespoke consultancy offers social work leaders and innovators the chance to grow and develop their organisations.

The Social Work Sorted Community is a group of individuals dedicated to investing in themselves to ensure that Social Work values remain at the heart of what they do. I'm biased (obviously) but it really is something special. 

I love meeting and talking to experts by experience, social work students, social workers and social work leaders. I believe in learning from everyone I meet. If you want to arrange a time to talk then get in touch. 

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