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From organically scaling and growing my business I understand the most cost effective and accessible ways to connect with new social workers.  

If you are a service lead looking to increase retention, invest in your workforce and commit to high standards for your services, then get in touch. 

ASYE programme

Understanding the experience of your ASYE's is crucial to staff wellbeing, retention and workforce stability.

If your ASYE programme doesn't feel relevant to participants then I can support you to innovate and develop learning that is current, accessible and realistic for your staff.

Podcast Production

With a dedicated following and thousands of downloads in less than 12 months, I produce the only podcast dedicated to new social workers. 

If you haven't considered podcasts as a medium for your service learning and development then get in touch. A cost efficient and wide reaching method to build moral, invest in your staff relationships and share information across your service. 

I will lead you through strategy, approach and implementation. 

Social Media & PR

For your service to truly connect with your staff members, you need to meet them where they are at. If your social media and PR strategy feels tired, dated or is none existent then reach out. Your PR team need to truly understand the needs of social workers in order to connect and add value. 

If you are interested in bespoke consultancy packages then please get in touch to find out more.

Thank you! 

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