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The Social Work Sorted Podcast

Welcome to Social Work Sorted: The Podcast.


Here I provide advice, support and guidance to help new social workers learn, reflect and grow. Social Work Sorted Training and Consultancy provides training to universities and organisations, and consultancy to social work leaders who want to innovate and inspire their workforce.

Latest from the social work podcast:


This podcast is a resource for newly qualified social workers. 
It is recommended that you use this podcast in addition to other resources and always refer back to your employer guidelines when making decisions. 
This podcast is not a replacement for supervision or organisational training. 
It's important that you know this podcast isn't peer reviewed. 
All views expressed are my own and so I encourage you to use your critical thinking skills when you approach this podcast and any other social work resource. 
There are episodes of this podcast in which I refer to products I am selling such as written guides and in person training. These do not constitute as ads but I want to be transparent about the nature of this podcast and how it connects to my business. 
If you have any questions about this please get in touch

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