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Training for ASYE and Student programmes

With my extensive experience in the field and a deep passion for education, I bring a wealth of expertise to our training programs. I have designed our training courses to be practical, engaging, and relevant to the challenges faced by social work professionals today. Each program is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that it meets the diverse needs of our participants.

Listening to the Teacher

Assessment Skills

  • Interactive and realistic

  • Undertaking child and family assessments

  • Practice skills 

  • Observations and direct work

  • Analytical writing

Available online/in person, 

Half day/full day/ 2 day 

Introduction to Court Skills

  • What to expect 

  • Navigating the family court 

  • Supporting children and families 

  • Social Work Evidence Template

  • Giving evidence 

Available online/in person

Half day/ full day

In court
Drawing Class

Direct Work With Children

  • Where to start

  • Creative communication 

  • Tools and Resources

  • Safety and confidentiality

  • Understanding your role

Available online/in person

Half day/ full day

Recent Testimonials

"I would definitley recommend this to newly qualified social workers. It was pitched at exactly the right level"

Sara, ASYE, online Masterclass attendee

"Thank you so much, I came to the communication skills master class, you gave me amazing advice which I have used for both my placements"

Student social worker, online Masterclass attendee

“I had very little knowledge prior to the session so the session has enhanced my full understanding of court skills and what’s expected of us and made me feel much more confident with the whole situation.”

Social Work Sorted


"Everything court related! The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and interactive. I started following Social Work Sorted on Instagram for more information"

Student Social Wokers. University of Salford Step Up programme

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