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  • Advice, Guidance & Support for New Social Workers

  • Realistic skills based training for universities and organisations

  • Bespoke Consultancy for Local Authorities

“I used one of the tools you showed us during the direct work masterclass and it was so good. It helped to start a very interesting conversation during the session. Thank you! ”

— P, Newly Qualifed Social Worker

“Your podcast gave me so much clarity. I often feel so lost on my social work course because it doesn't align with the practice. Your podcast and the things you share help me find the direction I needed.”

— Student social worker

“I have been following your page for some time now but thought would give you a message to let you know I am 7 months into my ASYE however it was in introduction day for the ASYE cohort. Your letter to your newly qualified self you shared on social media was shared within the presentation and used as inspiration during an activity where all NQSW’s wrote a letter to their self which they will open at their final review. Your social media page was also linked to the letter on the presentation. I thought you’d like to know how your work is influencing not only NQSW’s but also Local Authority Academy leads! Amazing work, your page truly helps me reflect and not feel alone!” Newly Qualified Social Worker

— Student social worker

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