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Starting a Child and Family Assessment: Where to begin

Talking to hundreds of social workers every week there is a repeated theme... assessment skills.

A Child and Family Assessment is often the first point of contact between a social worker and a child and family. The quality of the child and family assessment and the process itself, has a significant impact on relationship building and intervention moving forward.

I am so excited to launch a BRAND NEW youtube series 'How to start a child and family assessment'.

This initial video explores what happens after referrals are made, delves into legislative nuances, and demystifies the child and family assessment process.

As an experienced social worker with a background as a Child Protection Conference Chair, my aim is to provide insights that boost your confidence, ease anxieties, and make this information practical and relevant for your daily work.

Ideal for newly qualified social workers, students, or any social worker seeking a refresher, this series is set to be a valuable resource.

Make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel to watch the next video in the series.

And if you want to uplevel your assessment skills in one day, my CPD accredited training is available to book now.

Wednesday 14th Feb 10am-4pm

Saturday 17th Feb 10am-4pm



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