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Social Work Interviews: Where to start. (Podcast recap)

Before you focus on saying the right thing, focus on your presence.

Start with you

The people who interview you will remember how you made them feel.

Think about your body language.

How can you change the energy of the room?

We are what we do

Walk into an interview like you would walk into a social work visit:

Calm, Centered, Grounded.

Practice regulating your breath

Benefits of a social work interview

The people interviewing you are social workers

They want to find a candidate so they want you to do your best

Interviews don't have to be scary

If you view an interview as practice for a home visit, or for chairing a meeting, you can helpfully reframe this to reduce anxiety.

If you need further support for social work interviews my training is the perfect place to start. Click here to watch a video clip and find out more.

If you are interested in 1-1 bespoke support covering preparation, practice questions, answers and role play then get in touch here.

For FREE training, advice and guidance head to Instagram @socialworksorted

To listen to more podcast episodes, follow the links below.



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