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Reflecting on direct work: CPD activity

This episode of Social Work Sorted: The Podcast with guest Rich Devine is a discussion that centres on direct work with children and what that means in practice for social workers.

Here are some questions that might support your CPD feedback:

Reflections on learning:

How has your understanding of direct work changed in the past year?

Is there one new idea you might take from the podcast into practice?

If you had to share one point or idea from the podcast with a colleague, what would it be?

Impact on practice:

Have you fallen into any patterns or habits with the direct work you complete?

How have you used the new ideas from this podcast in your work with children and families?

Peer Reflection idea:

Either with a colleague or in a team, bring some direct work activities and practice using these with each other as interventions. Sometimes the biggest barrier to deviating from standard worksheets is fear of trying something new. Using time with colleagues is the perfect chance to practice your skills

How did it feel?

What did you need to consider?

What were the challenges to focusing the direct work?

If this activity felt uncomfortable, can you better understand how a child, young person or family might feel?

How can you develop your skills in using direct work as an intervention?

Further reading:

My most used book for direct work: Direct Work With Family Groups Audrey Tait. Helen Wosu

Further listening:

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