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Prep for success: Strategies for child and family assessment as an ASYE

Hey everyone, it's Vicki here, the founder of Social Work Sorted!

In the second episode of this 5 part series, 'How to start a child and family assessment', I am looking into the critical aspects of preparing for child and family assessments—a topic close to my heart. If you're a newly qualified social worker or someone navigating the intricate world of assessments, this video is tailor-made for you.

In the video, I share practical strategies and insights on the preparation process.

I share my experience of my ASYE, and I understand the initial panic that can set in when faced with your first assessments. I discuss the importance of taking a moment to gather your thoughts, emphasizing the value of a hot drink as you process the overwhelming information.

Moreover, I touch on the significance of building a chronology during the initial stages of assessment. This involves jotting down significant events and identifying gaps in information. I encourage social workers to note down questions that arise during this phase, helping streamline the planning process for home visits.

Check out the full video here and stay tuned for more in this insightful series!

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