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International Safeguarding with Ann Marie Christian

Working in specific area of social work, it's easy to get caught up in a bubble. Speaking to Ann Marie opened my eyes to the International differences in Safeguarding that I hadn't considered before.

Safe to say Ann Marie has an extremely cool job. She travels all over the world in her role as a Safeguarding expert speaker, trainer and author. She was full of wisdom from years of experience and I learnt a lot from speaking to her.

Listen to the episode here:

Podcast recap:

  • International safeguarding

Ann Marie trains and speaks at international conferences with huge audiences. This includes

attending international schools and bringing inclusive safeguarding practices to the forefront.

  • Professional curiosity and cultural competence

Cultural competence needs to be considered from an international perspective. We need to subvert our stereotypes and understand the lived experience of what intersectionality means.

  • Centering the voice of the child

Don't assume that a child has told you everything when they share sensitive information with you. Children need the opportunity to speak to you as well as wanting to tell you. This starts with a trusting relationship.

Find out more about Ann Marie:

Remember, you are doing an amazing job!

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