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This free ebook guide (downloadable as pdf) will support you in understanding the basics of undertaking child and family assessment in England. 


This guide will help you understand the statutory guidance, why we use it and how we apply it, as well as top tips to ensure you can undertake assessments whilst keeping children at the centre of what you do.  


This is the first step in building your confidence in assessment skills. 


I believe that when you are supported to understand why you are undertaking certain tasks, you build your ability to remain child focused and practice systemically. 



Understanding Child and Family Assessment

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  • This free Ebook is for new social workers, student social workers, or anyone who is beginning a career in organisations where assessments of children are required.


    Assessment skills are crucial to the foundation of social work. Being able to focus on other aspects of the profession requires a strong understanding of assessment basics.


    As social workers, we want to provide systemic and creative solutions, bringing our knowledge to the forefront. However, if we lack the fundamental knowledge of daily tasks, we won't have the mental space to perform critical thinking or problem-solving.


    If you're a new social worker or you're new to assessments, you may feel overwhelmed by the tasks coming your way. This Ebook is perfect for beginners to learn the basics and get started.


    To be successful in assessments, we must understand why we do them, what the law and legislation say about them, and why we include certain elements in them. Without a strong foundation in these areas, we won't be able to communicate effectively with the people we work with.


    We must have the basics in place before building anything else. So, if you're undertaking or completing an assessment, ensure that you understand the reasons for doing it.

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