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Using music in Care Planning: CPD Activity

This episode of Social Work Sorted: The Podcast with guest Grace Meadows from Music for Dementia was one of my favourite to record. I love music and I didn't need much convincing about why it needs to feature so heavily on care planning agendas, but learning more about the research behind this was fascinating, particularly the positive benefits for dementia care.

Here are some questions that might support your CPD feedback:

Reflections on learning:

Think about the last time you wrote a care plan? Being honest with yourself, how much of the plan was co-created and how much did you lead/direct?

Have you learnt something new about care planning that you didn't know before?

Impact on practice:

What is the most creative action you have ever seen on a care plan? Why did it resonate with you?

What are some of the areas you consider when creating a person centred care plan?

Peer Reflection idea:

With a colleague or in a team meeting, each person chooses a song or piece of music that reminds them of a time in their life or a specific memory (like a mini desert island discs).

If you are sharing:

How easy was it to choose a song or piece of music?

How did you select what you wanted to share with your colleague? What are the barriers to you sharing more personal connections to music?

If you are listening:

Think about the song or piece of music the other person has chosen. Listen to the story they tell you. Why is this meaningful to them?

If you were making a care plan with your colleagues how could what they share be used to influence this?

Further reading:

Further listening:

If a person connects with music, you might find that they associate a song with a time in their life. A chronology doesn't just have to be a clinical style document. It can be a timeline of memories. Have a listen to this podcast as a refresher for Chronologies if you don't know where to start.

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