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"I don't know what to say or how to say it!".....Challenges in Communication

I remember the feeling of overwhelm as a newly qualified social worker.

Assessments piling high in my inbox and the panic of not knowing where to start.

It wasn't just the writing of the assessments, it was the process of going into family homes and introducing myself, confidently communicating the assessment process and what I was worried about.

I knew that when I struggled with what to say and how to say it, I became more anxious.

I knew I was bringing this energy into families homes and I wasn't sure how to change things.

Rabow and Mcphee (1999) use the ABCDE model and encourage advance preparation. I have always found scripts helpful - not because I think we should become social work robots that sound identical, but because when I feel stuck I like to have words to fall back on.

I know that without this, I do the equivalent of word vomit.

If we look at transmission models of communication, it's easy to see how too many words get lost amongst other factors when we try and share a message.


I'm talking about Communication and how to build your confidence in my latest free video.

This free training is for you if you want to build your confidence and start to reflect on the ways you communicate with people you work alongside.

Informed by theory with simple scripts as examples, Confident Communication for New Social Workers is a 20 minute video and free reflective guide to download, this is an ideal first step for anyone stressing over assessments.

Click the picture to watch now.


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