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Ageism, Racism and getting into management with Yewande from Young Black Social Workers network

Back in May I spoke with Yewande who came on the podcast as one of my first guests.

Yewande is a team manager, writer and youtuber as well as being the founder of Young Black Social Workers Network.

We talked all things social work, the racism that exists in the sector, how the systems view age and how she became a social work manager.

Episode recap:

  • Progressing into management

It's ok to think about progression. You don't need to have tunnel vision about your career. Find managers who will build you up but start with building yourself up. Think about your strengths and why your skills transfer into management.

  • Racism and anti-racism in social work

There continues to be barriers to progression for black social workers and Yewande has written about this in detail for Community Care. Your first step as a social worker is to look explicitly at these systems so you can challenge them.

  • Ageism in social work

Age doesn't always equal experience and vice versa. We both talked about the assumptions that are made about our age or perceived age by other social workers and professionals.

  • Social Work and Social media

Showing the reality of social work for social workers is needed so we can share more about the profession. As long as you are sharing responsibly then these are messages that deserve to be shared to benefit other social workers.

Listen to the podcast here:

If you aren't already, you can follow Yewande on Instagram:

And subscribe to her channel: Young Black Social Worker - YouTube

Remember, you are doing an amazing job.

Vicki x



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