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The Collective

A monthly membership with Social Work Sorted 

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What does The Collective include?


  • Access to a private community space with exclusive training to build your confidence in practice 


  • One brand new masterclass pre-recorded each month for self paced learning  


  • One new pre recorded meditation every month


  • A unique forum for your questions & reflections 


  • Live Q&A at the end of each month for high quality mentoring and skills development 

Membership is £15 each month. No contracts. You can cancel at any time and return when you are ready. 

Who is the Collective for? 


The collective is for newly qualified social workers in children’s services who want to:


-access a safe online space for learning and development

-build practice skills that genuinely connect to the day to day challenges in social work

-get non- judgemental support from someone who has experienced it too 

-access high quality training at their own pace 

-build confidence in practice as a social worker 

-find a work life balance 

-start in social work with a strong foundation for career progression 

-Enjoy the parts of social work that matter to them, like building relationships 

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