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Streamline your assessment process without compromising your values 

Welcome to Introduction to Assessment

The guide, video and audio course for
newly qualified social workers 

So what's inside the Introduction to Assessment course? 

  • A comprehensive guide to completing a child and family assessment under s17 Children Act 1989

  • Video and audio training integrated with one page guides to cover each domain of the assessment framework 

  • Helping you understand what you need to cover in your assessment 

  • Example reflective questions to prompt you when writing up 

  • Breakdown of risk and safety analysis 

  • Top tips for planning and getting organised 

  • Simple layout to enable easy access during your working day 

How will this course help you?

Introduction to Assessment: Guide, Video and Audio course, is an effective resource that you will use daily to inform your assessments, stay on track, think systemically and grow in confidence as you develop your skills.

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Save Time 

No more staring at a blank screen lost for words. Helpful prompts and top tips will ensure you stay on track and avoid procrasination! 

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Progress your career

 Assessment skills are transferable skills. Once you are competent and confident undertaking assessments, you can focus on completing your ASYE year and moving forward in your career.

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Reduce anxiety 

Say goodbye to the panic of not knowing what to say or which questions to ask. Example reflective questions will leave you feeling prepared and organised. 

Without the stress and  panic of what to say or how to say it,  you'll  have time and energy to focus on what matters; building relationships and doing the parts of the job you love. 

I’m Vicki from Social Work Sorted and I have been where you are.


I’m a social worker, trainer and consultant and I help new social workers to learn skills for practice to grow in confidence. 

I’ve been undertaking assessments from being a newly qualified social worker right up to auditing them as a child protection conference chair.


I have designed and produced created this course to make it work for busy newly qualified social workers. 

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What you need to know about this course

  • This course is divided into sections which are all accessible once you have purchased 

  • This course is not available to download. You are required to login each time you need to access.

  • It is designed to allow you to easily access the section you need to.

  • Each section is based on the typical layout of a child and family assessment. 

  • Parts of this course have previously been included in an ebook guide. This course does not include a download of an ebook guide.

Ready to uplevel your assessment skills? 

Here's what you need to know:

  • This course is for those completing assessments in children's services. 

  • This course is designed for newly qualified social workers as an introduction to assessment 

  • Due to the nature of the course and immediate access to all course material once your purchase is made, there are no refunds.

  • By purchasing you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of this website

  • If you are interested in purchasing multiple access for a cohort of students or ASYE academy, please contact me to discuss group costings.

  • You must login each time to easily access course material. This is not a downloadable ebook, it is a dynamic and accessible online course. 

  • This is an online resource. It is not intended to replace statutory guidance or your local policy framework. It is not a replacement for organisational training or supervision. Please consult with your manager and supervisor when undertaking a child and family assessment.

  • If you have questions before you purchase please get in touch:

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Introduction to Assessment: Guide, Video & Audio

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This self paced online course is for newly qualified social workers who are tasked with undertaking child and family assessment in children's services in England. A combination of audio support, documents and pre recorded video presentations this course will set you up for social work, build your confidence and enable you to complete high quality assessments, saving time and stress.

What's inside the course




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This course is designed for newly qualified social workers in children's services. It will be relevant for students on placement due to the nature of it's content but it is not designed specifically with students in mind. If you have further questions about this then get in touch, vicki@socialworksorted,com

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