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Are you ready to grow in confidence, develop your practice skills and find success in social work? 

Key skills and realistic education for your first year in social work.

4 weeks of LIVE training, 4 intensive modules all planted in a unique group programme to set you up for SUCCESS. 

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New social worker.. I get it


✔️ You are tired of training that doesn't help you do your job


✔️You are overwhelmed thinking about how to speak up when things don't feel right


✔️You feel like you are failing and blame yourself when things go wrong

This leads to:

  • You constantly feeling guilty 

  • You overworking and getting nowhere 

  • Lacking boundaries in all areas of your life 

  • Feeling like you can't see past your first year in social work

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I know what it feels like to be a new social worker 


🚫No time to figure out how training applies to practice


🚫No independent support to help you figure it out


🚫 Battling imposter syndrome daily


🚫Stuck with communication skills 


🚫You want simplicity so you can just do your job

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You want solutions and action

So I designed GROWTH: A unique group training programme for new social workers 

  • LIVE training 

  • Recorded video learning

  • High level coaching

  • Written Guides

Everything you need to know in one place.

Save time. Save energy. Find Confidence. Build Skills.

This is SPACE for GROWTH. 


What is GROWTH all about?

GROWTH is everything you need to know for your first year in social work, planted in a four week group programme.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to advocate for yourself
You will learn how to communicate effectively 
You will learn how to manage conflict 
You will learn practice skills and how to apply them


Grow your confidence
Build your skillset
Develop your communication
Enhance your career opportunities

Inside the GROWTH group programme...Planting the seeds for success 

Module 1: Creating Systems of Support

  • How to use supervision to ask for what you need

  • How to keep yourself safe as a professional 

  • Fundamentals around HR and what you are entitled to 

  • How you can escalate any issues with ease

  • Scripts to ensure you follow clear formal processes

  • How to work with different personalities in a team/office environment

Module 2: Confident Communication

  • How to develop confidence when working with other professionals 

  • When to follow and trust your ‘gut’ and how to evidence this

  • How to document decision making with confidence 

  • Scripts to support you to respectfully challenge other agencies 

  • How to cope when you are challenged or in conflict with others.

  • How you can manage complaints about your practice 

Module 3: Manage Your Mindset

  • How you find coping mechanisms for the emotional labour of social

  • How you understand your own experiences and how they impact on your job 

  • How you can managing the impact of work conflict on your own life 

  • How you can find balance outside of work 

  • How to create distance between work and home when hybrid working

Module 4: Skills for Success

  • A time to get any support you need and go deeper in your personal areas of support 

  • This will be a focus on specific skills chosen by group members which can include;

  • Assessment skills and Direct work 

  • Direct Work and working with risk

  • Communication and managing conflict

  • PLUS how to embed your learning from the programme

  • BONUS Creating a plan for your career success

Live zoom training (plus lifetime access to recordings) with a focus on social work theory and approaches for development. With resources and references. 

In case we haven't met...

I'm Vicki, otherwise known as SOCIAL WORK SORTED. I am a registered social worker, trainer and consultant specialising in education and teaching for New Social Workers. 

I lead New Social Workers towards skills for practice that are realistic and connect to the challenges you face day after day.

My unique training style is rooted in years of experience, practice wisdom, a down to earth approach and a dedication to YOU feeling confident and calm. 

Put simply.. I get it. I know the problems you face because I faced them too.

And guess what... I have the solutions. 

GROWTH is for you if:

  • You are a newly qualified social worker 

  • You are ready to commit to YOU

  • You want to focus on success in social work

  • You want to grow in confidence

  • You want to feel competent at work

  • You want to banish imposter sydrome

  • You want to be part of something special

Imagine walking into work feeling GROUNDED.

Imagine feeling CONFIDENT sitting down at any meeting or visit.

Imagine finishing your first year in social work feeling MOTIVATED, EXCITED and SUCCESSFUL.

If you want to grow your knowledge, grow your skills, grow in confidence and do it all with me by your side, then GROWTH is ready for YOU! 

What you need to know...


The next branch of GROWTH will run from 16th January 2023 - 12th Feb 2023.

During the GROWTH programme you will get:

✅4+ hours of high level training 

✅4 modules designed to solve your practice problems 

✅Actionable teaching to change the way you work

✅Exercises to apply your learning 

✅Access to the GROWTH Guide for practice 

✅Your own downloadable learning journal for reflections 

✅Recommended reading list and references 

✅Access to an exclusive group page for connecting between modules 

Your GROWTH group programme

Module 1: 75 mins LIVE training

Systems of Support [Value £75]

Module 2: 75 mins LIVE training

Confident Communication [Value £75]

Module 3: 75 mins LIVE training 

Managing Your Mindset [Value £75]

Module 4: 75 mins LIVE training

Skills for Success [Value £75]

4+ hours of training recordings                [VALUE £300]


GROWTH Guide PDF Download             [Value £25]




Community Member price

30% SAVING    £252

What you need to know


A further 30% off


Pay once £171
or use paypal  3 for 3 x £57 part payments

  • Ticket price is displayed in GBP. If you are joining from outside the UK please check your chosen bank for any additional international fees.

  • No hidden charges, Social Work Sorted absorbs costs and all resources are included in the price

  • 10% of all profits will be donated to charity. I will choose independent charities who support care leavers and share details with members.

  • Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled, in which case full refunds are available.

  • All group members must uphold social work ethics and values and ensure confidentiality of clients and organisations is maintained at all times.

  • GROWTH is relevant to student social workers. I recommend students contacting me before joining to find out more. 

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