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Finally introducing myself....

After 18 months of running my blog, instagram and podcast I am finally saying 'hi' properly (watch the video to learn a little bit more about me and my journey).

I'm Vicki, and I started Social Work Sorted because I saw new social workers entering practice feeling overwhelmed and nervous.

I hugely value university education but I also know that new social workers struggle with applying theory to practice once their careers begin.

I teach skills that are rooted in realistic examples and I break down the day to day tasks of social workers into more manageable guides.


Because if you feel competent on a home visit, confident in completing an assessment and capable of dealing with conflict, you have far more headspace for the most important part of the job; connecting with people to build meaningful relationships.

I share free advice on Instagram and through my podcast, and have a variety of training and resources available to support you.

Take a look at how I can help you; click here.

And remember you can always message or email me if there is anything you need specific support with.

Remember, you are doing an amazing job!

Take Care x



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